Portable Metering


Portable Metering

Portable Web-hosted Energy Management Solutions enable commercial & industrial energy customers to cost effectively deploy an Energy Management solution without incurring significant capital costs for metering hardware or software.


AZZO provides a web-hosted portable metering (data logger) service that allows customers to easily turn their metered usage and other data into actionable information, accessible to your entire organisation via a web browser.


Key Features:

  • Energy efficiency profiling – temporary studies for baselining and evaluation.
  • Multiple deployments for real-time comparison studies.
  • Safe, cost effective installation with minimal disruption to services.
  • Available for contract lease –No capital funding required.
  • Web-hosted solution – no need for site installation of software.
  • Secure access to data from any computer via web browser.
  • Real-time 24-hour secure access to your consumption data.
  • Activity-based energy efficiency analysis.
  • Real-time Alarming via Email &/or SMS.
  • Historical data saved onto SQL database server.
  • Intuitive, easy to use online visualisation & reporting.