Communication Devices

Communication Devices

Communication can never be over-stated as the lynch-pin that makes or breaks an energy management system’s reliability.



At AZZO we only provide tested and true communication gateways that allow for remote and local access 24/7 for peace of mind and consistent data flow.


Much like interaction between people, how a meter communicates and what the gateway is to facilitate that communication between devices, is an essential tool in any reliable Energy Management System.

Our engineers at AZZO not only understand the communication devices we promote, but also are prepared for any eventuality that could cause a system breakdown.


Due to our drive to ensure a long-term relationship with our business partners, we test and study all devices to ensure they meet and exceed our standards.  Should you have any further questions regarding the products we use, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Ethernet GPRS data logger function

The Energy Server Com’X 200 collects and stores wages consumptions (Water,Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) and environmental parameters such as temperatures,humidity, and CO2 levels in a building. Data is periodically transmitted as a report toan Internet database server.


Data processing and display

Once received by the server, the data is ready to be processed and displayed as webpages through web services provided by Schneider Electric, such as StruxureWareEnergy Operation and StruxureWare Energy On Line.


  • Energy Operation
  • Energy Online


or by any private energy management platform.



Acess to the web: Choice of 3 Media


Key Features


  • Use an internet browser to view real time data and gain access to basic energy consumption data stored onboard the EGX300 in standard or user-defined HTML pages.
  • Utilize the Ethernet gateway functionality of the PowerLogic EGX300 with any PowerLogic software for extensive data analysis and access to all status and measurement information.
  • Where a central location uses PowerLogic software to view the entire system, remote locations may use the EGX300 web pages to view local data.
  • View real-time and historical information from multiple locations via any Microsoft-compatible web browser without any additional software
  • Automatically detect networked devices for easy system setup
  • Automatically email or FTP selected logged data to your PC for additional analysis
  • Select the logging intervals and topics you want logged
  • Ensures data and system security through password protection and controlled network access to individual web pages as well as review active and historical connection
  • Simplifies installation by receiving control power through the Ethernet cable utilizing Power-over-Ethernet and offers the option to utilise 24 Vdc control power
  • Provides serial support for Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus and PowerLogic protocols to support a wide range of devices
  • Includes one 10/100BaseTx Ethernet port
  • Includes one serial port configurable for RS485 (2/4 wire) or RS232 (RJ45)
  • Optically isolated serial port provides highly reliable communications in an industrial environment
  • Compatible with all PowerLogic power monitoring software 

Key Features


  • ModbusTCP/IP fast Ethernet connectivity to serial RS485 devices
  • Serial support for Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus, and PowerLogic protocols
  • Single 10/100BaseTx Ethernet port
  • Single serial port configurable for RS485 (2/4 wire) or RS232 (RJ45)
  • Receives control power via Ethernet cable (Power-over-Ethernet or PoE) according to IEEE 802.3af
  • ModbusTCP/IP filtering specifies read-only or full access client devices to connected serial slave devices
  • Allows serial master devices to connect to remote ModbusTCP/IP servers
  • TCP/IP Filtering
  • Serial Master Support