ION 7550 RTU

ION 7550 RTU


“The PowerLogic ION7550RTU (remote terminal unit) is an intelligent web-enabled device ideal for combined utilities metering of water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES). When combined with PowerLogic software, the ION7550RTU offers a seamless, end-to-end WAGES metering solution. Featuring a large, high-visibility display and overall versatility of the PowerLogic system, the ION7550RTU provides extensive analog and digital I/O choices and is a cost-effective dedicated WAGES solution when compared to a traditional meter.


The device automatically collects, scales and logs readings from a large number of connected meters or transducers and delivers information to one or more head-end systems through a unique combination of integrated Ethernet, modem or serial gateways. As part of a complete enterprise energy management solution, the ION7550RTU can be integrated with PowerLogic ION Enterprise software, or other SCADA, information and automation systems.


Performs collecting, scaling, and logging data from WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity and steam) metering devices and acts as a low-cost data concentrator that collects, stores and delivers information from intelligent devices over public or private networks for later analysis.”

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Key Features


  • Screen-based menu system to configure meter settings
  • Bright LCD display with adjustable contrast
  • Integrate with software
  • Transducer and equipment condition monitoring
  • Versatile communications, extensive I/O points
  • Clock synchronization
  • Event logging and sequence of events recording capabilities for transducer and equipment condition and status monitoring at utility substations
  • Programmable alarm setpoints
  • Trigger one of the seven on-board relays
  • Notify alarms via email
  • Data (and waveform) concentrator, collecting, manipulating, storing and forwarding data from devices such as WAGES meters and power system equipment (relays, transformers, motors) to software for archival, analysis and display