ION 8600

ION 8600


“The web-enabled PowerLogic ION8600 series socket and switchboard meters are the world’s most advanced socket-based energy meters and are a perfect choice to monitor electric power networks, service entrances and substations.


Used to monitor network inter-ties, service entrances and substations, PowerLogic ION8600 meters are ideal for independent power producers and co-generation applications that need to accurately measure energy bi-directionally, in both generation and stand-by modes.


These meters give utilities the tools to manage complex energy supply contracts that include commitments to power quality. Integrate them with our ION Enterprise operations software, or other energy management and SCADA systems, through multiple communication channels and protocols.”

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Key Features


  • Multiple socket and switchboard form factors
  • Meets stringent IEC and ANSI measurement accuracy standards
  • Flexible logging and mastering
  • Power quality and compliance monitoring
  • Digital fault-recording
  • Fibre, Ethernet, Serial, Modem Communications
  • ION, DNP 3.0, Modbus RTU master/slave, Modbus TCP master/slave, MV-90
  • Multi-user, multi-level security
  • Patented ION technology