ION 8800

ION 8800


“Providing high accuracy and a wide range of features for transmission and distribution metering, the PowerLogic ION8800 is the world’s most advanced power and energy meter with the flexibility to change along with your requirements.


This meter provides the information necessary to perform network capacity planning and stability analysis and to monitor power quality compliance, supply agreements and regulatory requirements.


Integrate with your existing wholesale settlement system, use ION Enterprise software, or share operations data with existing SCADA systems through multiple communication channels and protocols.”

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Key Features


  • Rackmount design to DIN 43862 standard for easy retrofit
  • High accuracy measurements
  • One second loss calculation, error correction capabilities establish system losses and correct measurement errors in real time
  • Power quality compliance monitoring
  • Voltage and current channels for sub-cycle disturbance transients, multi-cycle dips, swells and outages
  • Fibre, Ethernet, Serial, Modem Communications
  • ION, DNP 3.0, Modbus RTU master/slave, Modbus
  • TCP master/slave, DLMS (IEC62056), and IEC60870-5-1021 protocols
  • Multi-user, multi-level security
  • Patented ION technology
  • Extensive data logging