StruxureWare Energy Operation

StruxureWare Energy Operation

main-app-energy-operationsStruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert 7With increased pressures to keep rising energy costs down, it is important to have tools available to help reduce energy costs through improved energy awareness, usage, procurement, and efficiency.


StruxureWare Energy Operation is a tool that allows 24/7 remote energy monitoring via the web to access energy usage statistics using new or existing meter infrastructure to help effectively manage energy and decrease costs.


StruxureWare Energy Operation provides users access to:


  • Cost estimates of energy usage
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reporting
  • “What if” analysis to adjust or shift load and determine cost savings
  • Predefined reports for viewing load profiles, usage history, etc
  • Scheduling reports to send via email
  • Monitor consumption of water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES)
  • Normalization by area, hours of operation, square footage, units of production, or weather
  • Web widgets for quick reference and customized dashboards


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