EM 4800


The compact PowerLogic EM4800 series multi-circuit energy meter from Schneider Electric enables reliable metering of individual tenants with a low installation cost-per-point by combining revenue-accurate electricity sub-metering with advanced communications technology.


The EM4800 is ideal for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications within office towers, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centres and other multi-user environments.

The PowerLogic EM4800 series meters monitor up to 24 tenants with a single device. Multiple meters can be combined to support an unlimited number of suites.

Three meter models offer a choice of CT secondary ratings and installation options:

  1. PowerLogic EM4805: 5 A, split- or solid-core CTs
  2. PowerLogic EM4833: 0.333 V, split- or solid-core CTs
  3. PowerLogic EM4880: 80 mA, solid-core CTs


Key Features


  • Compact, maintenance-free design, Requires no floor space.
  • Hi-density, flexible connection from single-pole to single- or three-phase metering — supports up to 24 circuits.
  • Select the connection type using an intuitive configuration tool.
  • Direct connection for 100 – 300 V ac L-N electrical distribution systems:120/240 V, 120/208 V, 230/240 V, 220/380 V, 240/415 V, 277/480 V
  • Multiple CT types Support a variety of needs in both new and retrofit installations.1/3 V output CT option does not require shorting blocks, making it the ideal choice for retrofit installations.
  • No rewiring required Use existing wiring to connect to existing panels.
  • Integrated communications onboard Ethernet and modem allows for easy integration into existing communications networks.