iEM3000 Series

iEM3000 Series

DIN rail-mounted energy meters ideal for sub-billing and cost allocation applications. Combined with communication systems, like Smart Link, the Acti 9 iEM3000 Series makes it easy to integrate electrical distribution measurements into customer’s facility management systems.


It’s the right energy meter at the right price for the right job. Two versions are available: 63A direct measure (iEM3100, iEM3150, iEM3165 models) and current transformers associated meter (iEM3200, iEM3250, iEM3210, iEM3215 models). For each range, eight versions are available to satisfy basic to advanced applications:


The Acti 9 iEM3000 series energy meters are a cost-attractive, feature-rich energy-metering offer ideal for helping your customers’ installations become more energy efficient while reducing your own installation and commissioning costs thanks to their efficient design. The meters natively support a variety of protocols (Modbus, LON, M-bus, BACnet) that allow them to integrate seamlessly into your customers’ existing networks and bring simple energy management applications to any building. The offer ranges from very basic kWh meters for the most basic applications to MID compliant meters for billing applications to advanced energy meters able to measure a variety of electrical parameters. Whether you require a simple kWh meter or a full-featured, multi-tariff energy meter, there is an Acti 9 iEM3000 series meter that is the best fit your panel and your customer’s application.


Key Features


  • Bottom-to-bottom, direct connection up to 63 A (iEM3100 models)
  • 1A/ 5A CTs and PTs for connections greater than 63 A (iEM3200 models)
  • Accuracy class 1.0 and 0.5S (IEC 62053-21/22) for active energy metering
  • Compliance to regulations EN50470-1/3, IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
  • Anti-tamper sealing parts prohibit accessibility to all metering connections (voltage, current, DI/DO)
  • Save date/time of last reset to verify start of measurement campaigns and know if clock was altered
  • Total and partial kWh to discover consumption behaviour
  • Four-quadrant metering to differentiate energy consumption
  • Target green technologies (delivered/received)
  • Help reduce utility penalties (active/reactive)
  • Additional parameters (P, Q, S, 3xI, V, PF, F) to help monitor network balance and overload behaviour
  • Save up to 4 different time slots to manage multiple tariffs (peak/off-peak, workday/weekend)
  • Control tariffs via digital inputs, internal clock or communication
  • Use the meter as a pulse counter for another meter (WAGES monitoring)
  • Manage double-source applications (e.g., utilities and fuel generator)
  • Monitor circuit breaker status or cabinet door opening; control up to 4 tariffs
  • Use to trip a light or sound an alarm Configure as a pulse output